Buena Park Basketball Tournament
Location: Buena Park Junior High School Gymnasium
Sponsored by: Buena Park Church of Christ

Basketball Tournament - 12 Teams Participated

The 1st 3-on-3 Men’s Basketball tournament between the area Churches of Christ were a great success! We had 8 Teams in the Adult division and 4 Teams in the Youth division. A total of 47 participants from 7 different churches competed on the day. After some competitive ‘Pool Play’ we had a short break with a short devotional led by Adam Kimber. After it was all said and done Newland St. beat Upland 1 for the Championship in the Adult division and Victor Valley 2 beat Buena Park to win the Championship in the Youth division.

Daniel Alexander and the Buena Park Church of Christ youth group hosted the 1st Men's Basketball Tournament. Scorekeeper - Katie Alexander.

The 12 teams who participated were from the following local churches of Christ:

Yorba Linda
Newland Street
Victor Valley
La Habra
Buena Park

Let the Games Begin!

On June 5th in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten, 12 teams from across Southern California came together in an epic battle to prove once and for all who was the dominant force in the great game of Basketball. A 3-on-3 tournament would be held on this day. Boys would become men and men would become legend.

Teams had been formed and practices were held at different congregations but little did they know that very soon they would have to go into battle against their fellow brethren to once and for all set the record straight on who is the Champion of all the Churches of Christ when it came to this legendary game of  "Hoops." The call was made and many answered! They came from as far as Victorville and as close as Whittier. La Habra, Upland, Newland St. and Yorba Linda rounded out the remaining challengers. Each team brought with them 3-6 players. The aged brought reserves and the young brought just themselves.

This was going to be a battle not soon forgotten!

As the doors of the battleground (Buena Park Junior High Gymnasium) opened up the Men took their practice shots just as a man sharpens his sword before a battle. The fellowship was strong but the competition was stronger. The size of the warriors this day was wide ranging. From the tallest (6'7") to the shortest (4'0") each warrior brought with them their own arsenal. From the sharp shooters to the post players to the long range specialists; this day was going to be hard fought yet exceptional.

As the coordinator went over the rules of battle each man was chomping at the bit to get things started. As the rules were read some needed clarification because they knew that a clean battle without question was needed on this day.

Any controversy of petty rules would not stand. As the schedule of the day was handed out the proverbial "sizing up of the competition" was at hand. 2 divisions were the rule of the day: an adult division (age 19+) and a youth division (age 12-18).

The youth division consisted of 4 teams: two teams from Victor Valley, one Buena Park team, and one team of warriors made up from three different congregations. The adult team was made up of 8 teams: two Upland teams, two La Habra teams, one Newland St. team, one Yorba Linda team, one Whittier team and lastly, Buena Park team.

Court Action

The game itself was a simple one, first to 15 points wins. Any shot behind the "3 point arc" was 2 points and anything inside the arc was 1 point. Teams that made the basket got to keep possession of the ball and were able to press onward towards victory.

Pool play began with Buena Park, La Habra 1, Upland 2, and Yorba Linda making up one pool. Upland 1, La Habra 2, Whittier and Newland St. making up the second pool.

After pool play was over and the seeding was being done by the coordinator, a short devotional was given by one of the Newland St. warriors, Adam Kimber. A fine warrior with a heart of gold, gave a speech on competition and fellowship. It was a great talk with a great message that resonated with all 47 participants who lent their ear to hear (see summary below).

Many pictures were taken by friends and family (an effort was made to photograph every team, hopefully pictures represent everyone who participated).

There was a lot of excitement in the air as four courts were being utilized at one time. It was a real challenge and a head turner to watch 4 games being played all at the same time. The gymnasium was alive with the sights and sounds of basketball: dribbling, dunking, running, grunting, and yelling at team mates to get their attention to pass the ball to a open player. The sound of gym shoes skidding, stopping, starting and running across the floor. Basketballs were flying - tipped out, timed out, and fouled out. Drops of sweat everywhere.

The teams were very professional and each and every player "a good sport."

Half-time Devotional

Adam Kimber summarizes his devotional message regarding the legendary UCLA coach John Wooden.

When John Wooden graduated from High School, his father, Joshua, gave him the following 7 Point Creed. As you read these 7 Points it is clear that each of them are centered in the word of GOD

  • 1. Be true to yourself
  • 2. Make each day your masterpiece
  • 3. Help others
  • 4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible
  • 5. Make friendship a fine art
  • 6. Build a shelter against a rainy day
  • 7. Pray for guidance & give thanks for your blessings every day

1. Be true to yourself:   So many people wear "mask." They are one way with certain people and completely different with others. The challenge for all of us is to be yourself - specifically how God wants us to be - in all situations.

2. Make each day your masterpiece:  Each day is a blessing from God: we ought not to spend our time dwelling on the past or focusing entirely on the future to the point we neglect the opportunities God has given us today.

3. Help others:   At the core of the life of Christ was dedication to others. Jesus was selfless, he continually looked to meet the needs of others. So should we as followers of Him.

4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible:   The Bible affirms that it gives us "everything that pertains to life and godliness." In other words, the answer to every problem or challenge can be found in His word.

5. Make friendship a fine art:   Give of yourself to your friends. Be there for them in their time of need. Friendship is a blessing from God and deserves our best effort.

6. Build a shelter against a rainy day:   The Bible compares the ant and the sluggard. The ant works hard today to make preparation for his future, while the sluggard is lazy. The challenge for us is to work hard every day to ensure we are secure when the rain comes.

7. Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day:   In everything we do, we must go to God in prayer. He loves us deeply and wants us to convey what's on our heart and ask him for wisdom and guidance in all we do.


As the seeding was finalized each team would take their place for the final battle. A singe elimination tournament would determine who would be left standing at the end of all the battles.

Newland St. (#1 Seed) would match up against Whittier (#8 Seed), Upland (#4 Seed) against La Habra 2 (#5 Seed), Upland 1 (#3 Seed) against La Habra 1 (#6 Seed) and lastly Buena Park (#2 Seed) against Yorba Linda (#7 Seed). Newland St., Upland 2, Upland 1 and Buena Park would escape as victors and send their competition home.

The second round would determine who would go on to fight in the championship round. Newland St. battled Upland 2 and in the end Newland St. won 15-9. Upland 1 battled Buena Park and ultimately Buena Park fell in defeat 15-6. The championship was then set: Newland St. and Upland 1. The sharp shooters of Newland St. were pitted against the inside presence of Upland 1 (not one man under 6'2"). In the end the deadly accuracy of Newland St. overcame the strength and inside game of Upland 1. Newland St. would hold up the trophy with pride and leave the gym as champions!

The youth division; Victor Valley 2 (#1 Seed) played Goliath-the combination team (#4 Seed) and Buena Park (#2 Seed) played Victor Valley 1 (#3 Seed). In the end Victor Valley 2 would beat Goliath and Buena Park beat Victor Valley 1. This would match the victors up against each other for one last battle. It was hard fought and long lasting (30 minutes +) but in the end Victor Valley 2 came out victorious 15-7.


  Newland St. - Adult Division Winners!
          Adam Kimber, Zach Kimber, Eric Bearly, Chris Hanvey

Victor Valley 2 - Youth Division Winners!  

Youth Division - 1st and 2nd Place Winners!

Future Basketball Players

Family and friends enjoy the excitement and thrill of watching the 12 basketball teams battle for the 1st place trophies. Young and old alike, a good time was had by all. The youngsters watched with one thought in mind - "I'm gonna play basketball when I grow up!"

One little guy (8 month old - Evan Alexander) slips away from mommy to crawl out on the floor to join the big guys sitting around in a big circle as Adam Kimber speaks to good sportsmanship and playing the game in such a way as to be respectful to team members, as well as, honor GOD.

Wives, mothers, fathers, and friends babysat the little ones as the guys entertained on the basketball court. At the end of the day a good time was had by one and all.

Basketball tournament score sheet